Agreement Number For Gap Claim

We have listed the required documents below. You are needed to process your claim, so it is best to collect them all before you start. Our goal is to process your request as quickly as possible. The documents required to review your application are listed below. Please send readable copies. We recommend that you keep copies for your recordings. IMPORTANT: All claims must be reported APCO within 90 days of the date of the original insurance, or if no initial insurance was in effect, 90 days from the date of the loss. This is the retail sale contract or a lease agreement between you and your dealer, where you agree to pay for the vehicle. Insert a username and password so that you can track your claim and we can stay in touch with you. Documents must be sent to: Galt Enterprises, Inc. Attn: GAP Claims, 34555 Chagrin Blv., Suite 100, Moreland Hills, OH 44022, or by fax 216.464.2669 or email Please contact us for any questions: 800.248.4258 / 216.464.6744.

Please follow me after submitting the documents to make sure our office will receive them. Several documents are needed to calculate the abandonment of the CAP. Since the CAP plan was signed at the time of the sale of the vehicle, it amends your financing contract and is part of the agreement. In calculating the CAP plan, it is often considered that all payments were made as originally planned and that they were scheduled. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS AS NORMAL UNTIL ALL CLAIMS ARE SETTLED. PLEASE READ YOUR PAC CONTRACT FOR EXCLUSIONS, LIMITS AND ADJUSTMENTS. Please note that the steps taken to manage your application do not constitute a repayment commitment. Galt Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to adapt or deny any claim for a valid reason.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the number above. Insurance Contract Fraud Warning – Anyone who intends to defraud or knows that it facilitates fraud against an insurer or CAP administrator and files an application or file a claim containing a false or misleading statement is guilty of insurance fraud. Private Information: PAC Waiver Borrower/Agreement Holder authorizes Galt Enterprises, Inc., to provide claims information; including, but not limited to the documents and information required for the processing of the debt, the application decision and the payment of the refund, only to the holder/deposit holder or the undersigned seller, for whom we manage the CAP agreement. This is the amount that should be owed to your vehicle at the time of the loss. You can be deductible for your phone insurance company: 800-521-2774 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST Details of the amount of the bill, including the value of the vehicle at the time of loss as well as taxes, taxes and adjustments. Please note that additional information may be requested when checking the documents received. Refundable and paid products may include, among other things, vehicle service contracts, prepaid maintenance, or tyre and wheel coverage.

Details of the vehicle impact assessment and vehicle equipment (if purchased). Instead, you can send a copy of the Monroney label (also as a window sticker). In order to avoid loss of coverage due to cancellation due to non-payment during the COVID-19 public health emergency, for the next 90 days (90) days, Courtesy Insurance Company is (i) extending all additional premium delays; (ii) the abandonment of late fees and the non-reporting of late payments to credit agencies; (iii) payment of premiums due during the 90-day but unpaid period for the remainder of the insurance term or up to 12 months in 12 equal payments, each time they are longer; and (iv) The implementation of a moratorium on cancellations in the event of non-payment. Delays in payment during the 90-day period will not be taken into account at any time in future premium calculations. Policyholders can opt for this additional time