Nidhi Company Loan Agreement Format

All statements/information provided by or on your behalf are misleading, unsatisfactory or incorrect The interest rate on variable rate credit products is calculated by referring to JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED`s reference rate in terms of credit (TLRR) and the customer margin communicated in the penalty letter at the time of its creation and after. The LRRT may change from time to time and any change in this rate will affect the interest rate. Any change in the interest rate may affect the rates equatés or tenure, or both. The client would be required to repay the loan each month at the interest rate set in the loan agreement. If the loan is granted to more than one borrower, then the borrower`s responsibility to repay the loan with interest and all other amounts and to comply with the terms of the agreement/and all other agreements between the borrower and JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED with respect to the loan becomes jointly responsible. A member of the company is based in or in India (BHARAT). The borrower or borrowers authorize and authorize THE NIDHI COMPANY to disclose, without notice, all information to the borrower, that the borrower be made available to other institutions, subsidiaries, related companies, credit agencies, credit rating agencies, service providers, financial institutions, public regulators or third parties to verify kyc information, analyze credit risks or other related purposes that The NIDHI COMPANY deems appropriate to verify KYC information, credit risk analysis or any other related purpose that The NIDHI COMPANY considers appropriate. The borrower accepts that THE NIDHI COMPANY has the absolute right to recall the loan at any time, without giving reasons, by writing a notice sent to the borrower who terminates all or part of the loan and requires repayment of the loan. On this application, the loan, as well as interest on it, will immediately pay all other commissions (if any) and will be payable by the borrower.

The loan will be provided by the pledge allowance by delivery to JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED the initial deposit receipt duly insured by all depositors as well as the credity Note unloaded.