Telstra Dealership Agreement

2.2 If traders, as you mentioned, report to Channel Partners, why is it listed as a choice on TW? Full payment of rent is required before the equipment is shipped. All fees and fees that SatPhone Shop reimburses the customer are automatically charged from the customer`s designated credit card when the booking process is complete, regardless of the actual start of the rental, to ensure that the equipment is reserved for the customer. SatPhone Shop issues invoices via email as soon as the booking process is complete. A printed copy of the invoice is also sent with the device and/or service, which contains all applicable taxes collected during the transaction. After the return of rental equipment and/or services, SatPhone Shop will complete all other fees/fees or refunds/credits within 5 business days and issue a final tax bill via email. As noted in the “sairtime tariffs and royalties,” there are in some cases delays in collecting information on the use of airtime. In such cases, SatPhone Shop reserves the right to charge the customer up to 90 days after the contract is concluded. This agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. The customer agrees that this is an application to SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd (ABN 40 099 121 276) for the connection and rental of communication equipment and/or services. The customer recognizes that SatPhone Shop can refuse the application without giving the applicant a reason. For all shipping costs, the fee is charged in addition to the purchase price of the items, unless they are listed as “collection” during the order. The entire shipment is done by standard route, unless otherwise stated.

The customer understands that all devices and/or services must be returned on or before the return date specified in the rental agreement. The customer recognizes the devices rehabilitated after the end of the rental period and is responsible for the delivery of the devices to Den SatPhone Shop. It is the customer`s responsibility to replace the device if it is lost or damaged during transport. SatPhone Shop reserves all debit/debit fees from the customer`s credit card in case of additional freight charges due to incorrect and/or oversized packaging. The customer is charged the daily rental price for each day the equipment is not returned to the agreed return date, and is responsible for the losses incurred by The SatPhone Shop following the late return of the device. The client agrees that the rent will be considered stolen if the rent is not returned after 30 days from the original lease and no attempt has been made to contact SatPhone Shop. A police report is filed, the device is blacklisted and the customer is charged for the replacement of all goods related to this rent, as well as any additional costs related to any losses incurred by SatPhone Shop.