Apple Loaner Phone Agreement

Please reply quickly I have about 2 weeks before my phone is returned by the manufacturers. The rental phone is being renovated. This lender has scratches, but not as many as mine. I`ve always fixed the sleep button. They gave me a loan player and the contract said that if I didn`t return the lender, my phone is and I`m holding the lender. Can I just keep the lender phone? I just got a “loan phone” from Apple, but I dropped it accidentally and now it has a small crack at the top right of the screen. Do I have to pay to fix the screen? What is going on? in the agreement I signed, I noticed that he was saying this. If you took your iPhone to an “apple store,” you may have taken it to an authorized Apple service provider that has set its own policies regarding its equipment and service. Any updates on that? In my case, the loan phone is exactly the same as my original phone, so it looks like I have nothing to lose.

And going to the store to pick up my phone is a problem. Can anyone confirm whether Apple has agreed that we can “exchange” phones at no extra cost or that the company has blacklisted us? Yes, Lawrence is wrong. If you read the contract, if you didn`t just pick up your phone, it will be considered abandoned and therefore ownership of the device would be transferred to Apple and the lender`s property would be transferred to you. If you could update us on this, that would be great! I`m wondering exactly the same thing now and I really need clarification. The only line that worries me is (ii) where it says, “You will accept the loan phone that will be made available to you to completely replace the customer phone.” I know a normal replacement costs $269, but is it the same replacement you are talking about in the contract? Please answer 🙂 it would be very appreciated. I also etched with the same problem and now I realize that APPLE is not a customer oriented. I was lucky to have bought his phone. The screen glass of Loaan`s phone I was cracked and if I repaired it through the Apple service center also cost me 99-149 USD. But AASP demanded about 400 USD otherwise threaten me not to return my phone. So, if you have apple care, can it replace the lender? You should really contact Apple, because they are the ones who provided the loan player.

Q: Do I have to give back more than less to my loan machine Who gave you the lender? If it was Apple and you won`t return it, they`ll charge the full price on your credit card. It`s a regular swap. They don`t make the phone older. Your warranty starts where your old phone stopped, I understand that the rental phone is a 16 Gb unit. Did you have more memory than that? If so, you may want to go to it. If so, contact Apple and talk to them with my phone this weekend at the apple store, because the back is cracked. Will the apple store give me a lender that I can use while my phone is repaired? So today I saved my iPhone 5 16GB in Apple for the spare lock key. If I get the loan contract for my iPhone 5, it says that if I don`t return it, it will become mine. You will keep my original iPhone and this will serve as a substitute. Has anyone kept their loan player? If so, they make it a big deal or just call it a straight swap. Note that the transaction indicated that it is a loan phone.

There is no guarantee for a loan player involved. Yes, yes. You can keep the lender and sacrifice your original phone. I checked with the store. Obviously, the lender may be a lower capacity (16GB) than your original and is usually renovated/outdated one way or another, but you essentially make a swap if you keep it.