Odoo Enterprise Agreement

Tickets can be submitted via the web form or phone numbers on odoo.com/help or by working with an Odoo partner, the channel provided by the partner, depending on local opening hours. In particular, PARTNER agrees to be mentioned in Odoo Partners` official list on odoo.com and that THE PARTNER logo and trademarks can only be used for this purpose. Ready Silver Gold Recognition Visibility on odoo.com Ready Partner Gold Partner Rights to use the Odoo trademark Ready logo Silver logo Or logo Learning benefits Annual Seminars Yes Sales Training Yes AndWeekly functional training web Yes Yes Software Benefits Access to Odoo Enterprise source code Yes Yes Sales benefits Discount on all ODOO services 10% 15% 20% Discount on ODOO Enterprise (Minimum 10 users per contract, applied for all users). 10% 15% 20% Access to an Account Manager Yes Marketing Benefits Access to Marketing Materials Yes Yes Yes Partner EVENT – ODOO Support – Promotion No Yes Yes Other requests for support, such as development or adaptation issues, may be covered by the purchase of a separate service contract. While it is not clear whether an application falls within this agreement, the decision is left to Odoo SA`s discretion. PARTNER agrees to pay the annual partnership fee after receiving ODOO`s accounts. The fee is set in writing at the time of signing this contract. Odoo SA undertakes not to disclose individual or designated figures to third parties without the client`s consent and to process all data collected in accordance with its official privacy policy published on www.odoo.com/privacy. You can use Odoo modules that are published under a license with the software, as long as its license is compatible with the terms and conditions of the Odoo Enterprise License (including, but not only, any module published on the Odoo Apps Store on odoo.com/apps) ODOO authorizes PARTNER to use the “Odoo” logo to promote its products and services only for the duration of this agreement, as long as: ODOO PARTNER is an official partner on its website (odoo.com). ODOO grants PARTNER, on a non-exclusive basis, the right to use and reproduce only the logo of the ODOO partner and the name of Odoo in the context of this contract. Each party undertakes to respect all the rights of the other contracting party on all the points covered in the paragraph and, in particular, for whatever reason and by any means, each party will not show any analogy or confusion between its respective business to the public. Odoo has two versions – a “Community” version and an Enterprise version. The Enterprise version is firmly based on the community version, it has many additional features (z.B.

Banking integration and VoIP) that the community version does not have. For the duration of the agreement, Odoo SA is committed to: making every reasonable effort to preserve errors, retain errors and additional covered modules sent by the customer via the corresponding channel (usually the sending or exit form or phone numbers listed on odoo.com/help, or when working with an Odoo partner, the channel provided by the partner, and start processing these shipments within 2 working days. In order to support PARTNER in the promotion of Odoo Enterprise, ODOO PARTNER provides access to its Github code repository for all Enterprise Edition modules under appendix A conditions and under the limited terms of this agreement.