The Following Express Agreement Except

12.5 The provisions of this clause 12 remain in effect for a period of five years from the end of this agreement, at the end of which they no longer take effect. These conditions and any document referred to constitute the whole agreement between the parties on the drafting of the contract and unite any agreement, agreement or prior agreement if it has been concluded in writing or orally. You acknowledge and accept that all trademark and other copyrights relating to materials and content provided under this website are returned to the hotel or its licensees at any time. You are only allowed to use this material in the manner expressly approved by the hotel or its licensees. This does not prevent you from using this website to obtain a copy of a book or terms of the contract. The hotel may transfer, transfer or impose its position on a contract, sub-contract or other assignment of the contract or any other title or obligation of this Agreement at any time. However, no transfer, assignment or charge of such a position or an equivalent provision of the contract has the effect of restricting legal rights as consumers, or in any way reducing or restricting a guarantee expressly or implicitly given by the hotel user. 4.12 The provider may suspend the provision of hosted services if an amount that the customer must pay to the supplier under this contract is in arreasing and the Supplier has informed the Customer at least 30 days after the written notification of the amount due to suspend the services hosted on that basis. 1.1 In this contract, the Supplier may, unless expressly to the contrary: 21.1 Subject to express restrictions elsewhere in this Agreement, one of its commitments under this Agreement may be made under contract. 13.10 The supplier may not entrust the processing of the Customer`s personal data to third parties without the Customer`s express or general written permission. In the case of a general written power of attorney, the Supplier must notify the Customer at least 14 days in advance of the proposed changes to the addition or replacement of a third-party transformer, and if the Customer objects to such changes before they are implemented, the Customer may terminate this contract with 7 days of written notification to the Supplier.

whether this notification must be made within 7 days of the supplier`s notification of the proposed changes.